Electric Three-way Control Valve

Electric three-way regulating valve consists of a straight-travel electric actuator and a three-way valve body. With built-in servo unit for receiving the signal of 4-20mA or 1-5VDC, and transform the current signal into corresponding straight travel displacement, automatically modify the opening of the valve to continuously control the pressure, flow rate, temperature and liquid level in the pipeline, Temperature, level and other process parameters of continuous adjustment.

Product Description

Valve body structure:

3 way valve body

1-Body,   2- Gasket,   3-Seat,   4-Valve plug,   5- Gasket,   6-Bonnet,   7- Packing,   8- Packing bushing,   9- Gland,   10-Stem,   11-Hex nut,   12-Stud,   13- Hex nut,   14-Stud


Main Technical Data:

● Valve body

Type Conveging three-way /  three-way casting globe type, double seat
Size (DN) 25 ~ 300 mm
Pressure rating PN16 ~ PN100  / CL150LB, CL300LB, CL600LB
Flange standard JB/T79.1-94、79.2-94、ANSI B16.5
Body material WCB, CF8, CF8M
Bonnet structure Standard type: (-5 ~ 230 ℃), Heat dissipation type:(-45 ~ 230 ℃), Low temperature type:(-196 ~ -45 ℃), Bellow sealed type
Bonnet type Bolted
Packing V-type PTFE / flexible graphite
Trim structure Single-seat / plunger disc
Trim material Seat & Plug: SS304/SS316 surfacing welding Stellite,  Shaft: SS304/SS316
Flow characteristic Equal percentage / Linear


● Performance

Flow characteristic Linear,  percentage
Allowable range 30:1
Rated Cv value Percentage / Linear CV8.5 ~ 1280
Leakage grade Metal seal: IV grade ( 0.01% rated capacity )
Allowable tolerance ±1.0 %
Return difference ≤1.0 %
Dead Zone ≤1.0 %
Difference from beginning to end point ±2.5 %
Rated travel difference ≤2.5 %


● Actuator

Type Electric actuator, intelligent integrated
Usage regulating
Power supply 220VAC ±10 % 50Hz, 380VAC ±10 % 50Hz
Input signal 4-20mA.DC
Action to close Input signal increase, valve stem descend, valve close
Action to open Input signal increase, valve stem ascend, valve open
Lag ≤0.8 %FS
Linear type ≤1 %FS
Environmental temperature Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With space heater: -35℃~+60℃
Explosive proof: -10℃~+40℃





Answer : Please send your question or enquiry to our email: sales@hginstrument.com, we will forward the questions to the related engineer.

Answer :  Please communicate with the sales about the return procedure before returning product.

Answer :  The delivery time depends on the order quantity and product specification.  If the product’s specification is conventional ( not special ),  delivery time is 5 or 7 working days for order quantity ≤ 10 pieces;  delivery time is 2 or 3 working weeks for order quantity 15 ~ 30 pieces. 

Answer :  by Courier,  by Sea or by Air

Answer :  Yes,  Generally warranty is one year.

Answer :  From year 2015  to year 2021,  average annual sales is RMB 350 million ( about USD 54.7 million )

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