Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Rotary paddle level switch is used for level controlling of solid materials (powder, block, granular, gel, etc.). It has the advantages of good tightness, strong overload capacity, light and easy to install, large output contact capacity. The tension of the spring can be adjusted to work for the mediums with different specific gravity.

Product Description


Connected with the clutch, when the blade doesn’t contact the medium, the motor rotates normally; when the blade contacts the medium, the motor stops rotating, the detection device outputs a contact signal, meanwhile cuts off the power to stop rotation. When the medium level drops, the resistance that the blade encounters will disappear, and the detection device restores to the original state because of the spring’s torque.


Product Feature:

● The axis of rotation is supported by three bearings, so the running is reliable.
● Reliable sealing design prevents the dust from entering the bearings.
● The torsion force of the spring is adjustable, 4 levels of torsion force for selection.
● If the loading on the vane is overweight, the clutch will automatically skid to protect the electric motor from damage.
● Mechanical and electrical separation structure, easy to maintain.
● Cast aluminum wiring box, IP65 grade.
● For the mediums with low density, special rotation vanes can be customized.
● Wide range of application, for the industry of steel, cement, power, feed, chemical plastic, chemical fertilizer.


Technical Data:

● Power supply: 220VAC, 110VAC, 24DC
● Contact type: SPDT ( NO., COM, NC.)
● Contact rating: 250VAC/10A
● Vane’s rotate speed: 1 RPM (RPM: Revolutions Per Minute)
● Torque: 1.0 Kg X cm
● Operation temperature: -40 ~ 10℃; 100 ~ 400℃; 400 ~ 800 ℃
● Operation pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.6 Mpa
● Process connection: Thread, Flange
● Insulation resistance: ≥ 100 MΩ
● Dielectric strength: 1500V * 1min
● Weather-proof: IP65




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