Displacer Level Transmitter

Displacer level transmitter is applicable to measure the liquid level or interface at condition of high temperature or high pressure.

Product Description


The displacer immersed in the liquid is subjected to downwards gravity, upwards buoyancy and upwards spring force, when the three forces reach a balance, the displacer will be static at a certain position. When the liquid level changes, the buoyancy force on the displacer will be changed accordingly, and the three forces will reach a new balance. The extension and retraction of the spring makes the torque tube produce angle movement, through magnetic coupling which drives transmission gear to indicate liquid level.


Structure type:

structure diagram



Installation diagram:

installation diagram

B:  Top – Bottom mounting,     C: Side-Side mounting,     D: Top mounting,     E:  side mounting,      F:  Top-side mounting,    H: Side-Bottom mounting


Application case:

application case




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