Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (Model: SYRD)

Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter is a kind of measuring instrument that is based on the principle of time travel.  The radar wave travels at the speed of light, and its running time can be converted into a level signal by the electronic components.  The probe emits high-frequency pulses which spread along the cable, and the pulses are reflected back when they encounter the material surface and received by the receiver inside the meter.  The distance signal is then converted to the level signal.
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Product Description

● Contact Radar level meter
● Applicable to liquid and solid powder
● Process temperature:-40 to 250℃
● Process pressure: -1 to 20 Bar
● Range: 0-6m, 0-30m, Accuracy: ±1mm
● Emission frequency: 100 MHz – 1.8 GHz
● Explosion-proof: Exd IIBT4
● Process connection: Thread / Flange


Technical Data:
Guided wave Radar level transmitter SYRD-701  (Rope probe) SYRD-702  (Rod probe)
Picture hgrd 700 02 hgrd 700 01
Application Liquid Liquids, especially those are highly corrosive
Solid powder
Max. range 30m 6m
Connection Thread  /  Flange Thread  /  Flange
Op. temp. -40-250℃ -40-250℃
Op. press. -1 – 20bar -1 – 20bar
Accuracy ±1mm ±1mm
Frequency 100Mhz – 1.8 Ghz 100Mhz – 1.8 Ghz
IP grade IP67 IP67
Output 4-20mA 4-20mA
Power Supply 24VDC 24VDC
Ex-protection Exi(a) IICT6 / Exd IIBT4 Exi(a) IICT6 / Exd IIBT4



Installation Diagram:


installation diagram 1



Application Case:





Production Line:     

radra production line




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