Capacitance Differential Pressure Transmitter ( Model: SYDM-24 )

SYDM24 is capacitance type differential pressure transmitter, easy to install and use, safe and explosion-proof.
Adopt advanced integrated circuit and SMT technology,
If some industry has high requirement, core components can adopt Endress+Hauser’s ceramic sensor and Manufacture technology.
High precision, small size, easy to adjust, good stability, strong ability of one-way overload protection;
It is widely used in industry of power, metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, instrument processing etc.
CE certificate, SIL certificate, CNEX certificate.


Product Description

Technical Data:

● Applicable medium: liquid, gas, steam
● DP Range option: -0.1 ~ 1Kpa,  0 -1~ 6Kpa,  0 -6~ 40Kpa,  0 -40~ 250Kpa,  0 -0.16~ 1Mpa,  0 -0.4~ 2.5Mpa,  0 -1.6~ 10Mpa
● Output signal: 4-20mA (Option: HART [belong to HART Communication Foundation], Square root output), Power supply: 12 ~ 45VDC, Generally 24VDC. Load: RL= (Vs – 12V) / 0.023A ( RL is Maximum load, ≤ 600 Ω, Vs is power supply voltage)sydm24 resistance load

● Range and zero point can be adjusted through the built-in adjusting screw nut or through HART communicator.
● Positive and negative migration:
The maximum positive migration is the difference between the URL (Instrument’s upper range limit) and the setting range, the maximum negative migration is URL.
● Fault alarm: The fault is detected by the self-diagnosis program. It will alarm when the analog output is higher than 22mA or lower than 3.9mA.
● Operation temperature:
-40 ~ 85℃ (analog transmitter), -10 ~ 80℃ (smart transmitter)
-40 ~ 104℃ (sensor: Silicone oil filling), -184 ~ 71℃ (sensor: Inert oil filling)
Flange type remote seal (fill ordinary silicone oil): -40 ~ 150 ℃
Flange type remote seal (fill high temp. silicone oil): 15 ~ 315 ℃
● Storage temperature: 40 ~ 50℃
● Startup time: < 2s
● Volumetric absorption: < 0.16 cm3
● Damping: Adjustable in range 0 ~ 16 s
● Accuracy: 0.2%FS (standard configuration) , 0.1%FS (option)
● Stability: free of maintain within one year
● Temperature effect:
Total error varies <±0.3 URL every 10℃ for the range code 4,5, 6, 7, 8
The total error is doubled every 10℃ for the other range.
● Static pressure effect:
DP transmitter: For static pressure 14 Mpa, ±0.25% URL or ±0.5% range code 3.
For static pressure 32 Mpa, ±0.2% URL. Under process pressure, adjust zero point for correction.
● Vibration effect: 0.1% URL, 10~55 Hz, S=0.15mm, at any direction.
● Power supply effect: < 0.005% of the output range / V


Calibration Equipment:

Equipment manufacturer Control accuracy Application
Mensor CPC6050 Germany WIKA Class 0.01 Calibrate pressure / differential pressure transmitter
Mensor CPC4000 Germany WIKA Class 0.02 Calibrate pressure / differential pressure transmitter
GE  PACE60000 USA DRUCK Class 0.02 Calibrate pressure / differential pressure transmitter with flange type remote seal
ConST836 China.Beijing ConsT Class 0.02 Calibrate pressure transmitter of large range


Accessory option:

accessory 02

Syphon                    3-way valve manifold                               Condensing pot                            5-way valve manifold





Answer : Please send your question or enquiry to our email:, we will forward the questions to the related engineer.

Answer :  Please communicate with the sales about the return procedure before returning product.

Answer :  The delivery time depends on the order quantity and product specification.  If the product’s specification is conventional ( not special ),  delivery time is 5 or 7 working days for order quantity ≤ 10 pieces;  delivery time is 2 or 3 working weeks for order quantity 15 ~ 30 pieces. 

Answer :  by Courier,  by Sea or by Air

Answer :  Yes,  Generally warranty is one year.

Answer :  From year 2015  to year 2021,  average annual sales is RMB 350 million ( about USD 54.7 million )

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