PH sensor mounting bracket

This type PH sensor mounting bracket need to customize, it is for installing PH electrode on pipeline or on tank's side wall, not need stop pipeline process or empty tank when installing.

PH sensor bracket structure

1. PH electrode sheath,    2. Union nut,    3. Bracket rod,    4. Socket,    5. Ball valve,     6. PH sensor calbe outlet


Installation step:
1. Loosen socket from Ball valve
2. Weld the socket on tank /pipeline
3. Loosen union nut,  take down the PH eletrode sheath
4. Make the PH sensor cable go through the PH electrode's sheath
5. Screw PH electrode on PH electrode's sheath
6. Make the PH sensor cable go through the Union nut, Bracket rod, and
    get out from the PH sensor cable outlet.
7. Fastening the Union nut
8. Insert the bracket rod into the socket
9. Screw the ball valve on the saocket