HGPPC Portable Pressure Calibrator


Product name: Portable Pressure Calibrator
Functions: For calibrating pressure transmitters and pressure gauges


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Product Description

Portable Pressure Calibrator

HGPPC series portable pressure calibrator is powered by 220V AC or 6V DC (rechargeable battery). It can calibrate pressure transmitters and pressure gauges using simultaneous pressure and current measurement. It supports simultaneous display of pressure and current as well.

Functions: Measuring pressure and making pressure
Wide range, easy to carry, for various applications


1. Built-in pressure source of 0-20MPa manual gas pressure /liquid pressure
2. Calibrated range: 0-20MP, high accuracy, equipped with imported pressure sensor
3. With the function of measuring process signal for current and power, as well as the output of DC24V
4. High accuracy A/D switch, soft automatically non-linear modification and temperature compensation.
5. Various pressure unit for choice, such as KPa, mmH20, mmHg, mbar and so on
6. Suitable for calibrating the pressure transmitter, pressure controller and sensor, etc.


1. Power supply: Automatically switch between AC and DC, with rechargeable battery and charge protecting circuit
2. Application environment: Temperature: -10 Deg. C-45 Deg. C; Relative humidity < 80%
3. Pressure interface: M20×1.5(outlay sensor )
4. Dimension: 230×194×140(MM)
5. Weight: About 3.5kg

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