HGDWT Dead Weight Tester


Product name: Dead Weight Tester
Functions: For calibrating pressure transmitters and pressure gauges


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Product Description

Dead Weight Tester 

I  Overview

The dead weight tester is an important auxiliary device in the measurement work of pressure instruments. Cooperating with the pressure master meter to complete the calibration and inspection of the pressure instrument.


The design of the dead weight tester is exquisite, easy to operate, easy to build pressure, and fast in pressurization. It is widely used in metrology, scientific research, industrial and mining enterprises and instrument manufacturing industries.



II  Characteristics

  2.1 Open structure, all spare parts and pipelines are combined on the front side for easy maintenance.

  2.2 Large chamber, wide stroke lever type pressure pump, easy to build pressure, fast pressure.

  2.3 The successful application of CNC car, milling and grinding technology, the product has high precision and good performance.


III  Main Technical Parameters

 3.1 Pressure generation range: -0.095 to 10 MPa

3.2 Pressure-making medium: clean air

 3.3 adjustment sensitivity: min 10pa

 3.4 Dimensions: 430 × 340 × 180 (length × width × height)

3.5 weight: 7kg


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Machining Process

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