HGTF Target Flow Meter


Product name: Target Flow Meter
Application: volumetric or mass flow measurement of liquid, Gas or Steam, especially for liquids with high viscosity and gases with ultralow temperature 


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Product Description

Target Flow Meter

Target flow meters are fabricated to measure the flow of fluids with high viscosity and low Reynolds number. Designed based on the measurement principle of traditional strain gauge or capacitor style target flow meters, this range of flow measuring device employs a novel capacitive sensors as the measurement and sensitive transfer element, which utilizing modern digital intelligent processing techniques.

The same as traditional target flow meters, orifice plate flow meters, and vortex flow meters, this new style of flow meter comes without movable parts. Also, it has very high measuring accuracy which is comparable with that of volumetric flow meters. Additionally, it features great portability, high reliability, superior anti-interference function, and good immunity from impurities. Due to these, our target flow meter is very popular in fields such as petroleum, chemical engineering, energy, food, environmental protection, and water conservancy.

1.    Fit for pipes of various diameters: from Φ15 to Φ2000mm, or larger
2.    Applicable to high and low temperature media: from -196℃ to +450℃
3.    Can work under high pressure environments: 0 to 42Mpa (gauge pressure)

Technical Specifications

Measured media

Liquid, gas, steam

Nominal diameter

Pipeline type 15~300mm

Clamped mounting type 15~600mm

Inserted type 100~2000mm

Nominal pressure




Medium temperature

-20℃~+70℃ (normal temperature type)

+70℃~+200℃ (high temperature type)

-196℃~+450℃ (extrame temperature type)







Range degree




1:10 (gas)

1:10 (steam)

Compensation type

Temperature compensation; pressure compensation



Power supply

Built-in 3.6V Li batter;

External power supply of 24VDC;

220VAC (only for separate type)


Site display reading; 4~20mA (2-wire system); pulse: 0~10V; RS232/RS485 (optional), HART

Material of measurement tube

Carbon steel; 304; 316L; custom material

Explosion-proof sign

Intrinsically safe type (ExiallCT4);

Explosion isolating type (ExiallBT4)

Protection class

IP65; IP67



Site Installation

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