Orifice Plate


Product name: Orifice Plate
Application: to be used together with differential pressure transmitter for flow measurement. 

Advantages: can be used for measurement of medium with high temperature or high pressure

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Product Description


Service: liquid, gas, steam

Size: DN40 – DN600
Accuracy: 1.5% to 2.5%
Turndown: 3:1 to 4:1
Long straight pipe required
To be used together with manifold and DP transmitter for flow measurement


Orifice plates are also called throttling devices, which are widely applied in industries sectors such as metallurgy, power, chemical, pharmacy, food, military, scientific research, etc. They are used to measure, control and adjust flow of the fluids (liquid, gas or vapors). The throttling devices are with the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable performance and high measuring accuracy.


Basic Principle

When the fluid filled in the pipe is flowing through the throttling device in the pipe, the flow will shrink partly at the throttling device, hence the flow velocity increases while the static pressure decreases to form the differential pressure at the back and forth of the throttling device. The bigger the flow rate, the larger the differential pressure, so we can measure the flow according to differential pressure. This measuring method is based on Fluxion Continuity Equation (Mass Conservation Law)
and Bernoulli’s Principle (Energy Conservation Law). The differential pressure is related to flow, as well as other factors. For example, when the forms of throttling devices or physical properties (density,viscosity) of the fluids in the pipe are different, the differential pressure generates at the same flow rate is different.



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