Explosion-proof gas analysis house


Explosion-proof analysis cabin has standardized, reliable, and thoughtful design for the sample gas treatment system public project, which can meet of the explosion-proof analyzer’s harsh requirements to power distribution, signal processing, transmission, temperature, humidity, dust prevention, shockproof, anti-static, anti-explosion and anti-interference etc., and is supplemented with monitoring to toxic, inflammable and explosive gas. It has been widely used in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, building materials, power stations, pharmacy and other fields


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On-line gas analysis system diagram

Explosion-proof gas analysis house

The structure of analyzer house


L*W*H (mm):  2000 ~ 8000 * 2500 * 2700 (Other dimension can be customized)


Exd II CT4 Gb

Basic structure

Steel frame structure has enough strength, outer wall and roof are assembled with π-type steel plates, the chassis is an I-beam girder. There are lifting rings on top of the analysis cabin.

Wall material

The internal wall and outer wall are made of stainless steel plate or galvanized steel plate. The flame-retardant polyurethane insulation materials are filled between the internal wall and outer wall, ceilings and roofs. Wall thickness is 75mm.

Doors and windows

The analyzer house is configurated with doors of outwards opening. If the house area is not more than 9 m2, it is configurated one door; If the house area excess 9 m2, it is configurated two doors. The door’s dimension: 900 * 2000 mm. On the door, is there a security visible window, a damping limiter for door closing, a safety escape lock, and an external locking apparatus. The window glass is anti-explosion safety glass.


The chassis panel is skidproof steel plate, on which can pave the floor of anti-skid, flame retardant, anti-static.

Inside house

Analysis instrument, steam pipes, water pipes, explosion-proof power distribution box, alarm apparatus

Outside house

Sample gas pretreatment system, fixing bracket of standard gas/carrier gas cylinder and explosion-proof wiring box

Electrical facilities

All electrical equipments are explosion-proof of Exd IICT4Gb, including explosion-proof wiring box ( for public power supply, instrument power supply, analog signal, digital signal ) Explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof emergency lamp, explosion-proof lamps of outside house, explosion-proof exhaust fan, explosion-proof air conditioning, explosion-proof maintenance power socket, safety control system ( Contains flammable gas, toxic gas, oxygen monitoring and sound & light alarm )

Alarm system of Analysis house

Interlock alarm system

It consists of combustible gas alarms, toxic gas alarms, oxygen-poor alarms, alarm control boxes, PLC controllers, alarm lamps, and alarm horns. When the combustible gas concentration reaches the lower explosive limit (LEL) or the toxic gas concentration reaches the exposure limit, the house will trigger an alarm of audible and visual, meanwhile transmit the alarm signal to the DCS, then the system will automatically open the ventilation device.

Positive pressure ventilation temperature-control alarm system

It consists of explosion-proof air-conditioning, flammable gas / toxic gas detection devices, blowers, pressure control systems etc. Fresh air is sent into the house through the induced draft fan to keep inside house in positive pressure, the positive pressure is controlled within 10pa ~ 30pa, which effectively prevents poisonous, flammable and explosive gases from entering the house and improves the protection and explosion-proof performance of the house.