Trace Nitrogen gas analyzer

Model: SY-HG3300-TN

Typical application:

> Argon purity detection in air separation system

> Argon purity detection in argon Purification Workshop

> Cryogenic tank loading and unloading station

> It is integrated in gas analyzer system, then sale the complete system.


Plasma Emission Spectroscopy Technology:
Under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, gas molecules become plasma, and the plasma emits ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength. The ultraviolet light passes through an optical filter and is measured by the detector to measure the energy of the corresponding wavelength light of the gas to be measured. There is a function relationship between the measured gas volume concentration and the energy of the corresponding wavelength. High measurement accuracy, good stability, long life, not subject to background gas interference.

Technical data


Measured range

0 ~ 10 ppm, 0 ~ 100 ppm,  0 ~ 1000 ppm  N2


≤1%FS /24hr  (Long run can be less than 0.5%FS)


1% FS



Power supply

AC220V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption

≤ 90W

Display screen

5" 640*480 pixel color TFT touch screen

Analog output

0/4 – 20mA  ( RL ≤ 500 Ohm )


RS485 ( optional )

Alarm output

2 normally open relays ( passive output),

Contact rate: 5A/30VDC;  10A/250VAC


 Ambient condition

Ambient temperature

5 ~ 35 ℃

Ambient humidity

≤ 90% RH

Airflow velocity

0.5 m/s

Placing request

horizontal placement

Mechanical vibration

No strong vibration

Electromagnetic interference

No strong Electromagnetic interference


Gas-sample condition

Gas-sample temperature

5 ~ 40℃

Gas-sample pressure

2 ~ 50 Kpa

Gas-sample flow rate

75 ~ 150 mL/min

Gas-sample moisture content

Before entering the instrument, the gas-sample should be dried. After drying, the dew point temperature should be less than 5°C .

Gas-sample dust content

Before entering the instrument, the gas-sample must be filtered out of dust.


Instrument size and weight

Instrument size

488 * 177 * 432 mm

Dimension for mounting

436 * 180 mm

Instrument weight

18 kg