Portable gas detector SY-QTBX24


>High precision sensor
>Can be equipped with 4 pcs gas sensor at most to detect at same time
>TFT color LCD display, can display gas type, Unit, the measured value and time at the same time.
>Support in both Chinese and English operation interface
>Can be equipped with the function of data storage(optional), storage time interval is adjustable
>With USB interface for downloading or printing data ( optional )
>Explosion-proof: Exia II CT4
>Equipped with special instrument suitcase


Email: sales@hginstrument.com

Technical data

Measured gas: O2, CO2, Combustible gas, TVOC, Toxic gas

Detection principle: electrochemistry, infrared, catalytic combustion, PID Photoionization

( principle selection depends on the measured gas type)

Precision:  depends on the measuring principle of gas sensor

Gas sampling method: diffusion

Concentration unit: ppm、mg/m3、%VOL、%LEL

Display: TFT color LCD screen

Operation language: Chinese / English

Alarm: AL & AH Sound and light alarm

Power supply: 7.4VDC / 1800mA rechargeable lithium battery, with charging protection circuit

Working time after a fully charged: 25 hours (detect one type of gas),  8 hours (detect 4 type of gas)

Ex-protectionExia II CT4,  Weather-proofIP56

Operation temperature:  -20℃~50℃,  Operation humidity:  0~95%RH

Housing material: ABS + PC

Instrument size: 142 * 65 * 46 mm,  Weight200g