Top mounting Displacer level switch

The top mounting displacer level switch is mainly used on the process condition of high temperature or high pressure at the industry of petroleum, chemical, power, food, pharmacy to control the liquid level and output alarm.

Working principle

The displacer immersed in the liquid is subjected to downwards gravity, upwards buoyancy and upwards spring force, when the three forces reach to a balance, the displacer will be static at a certain position. The displacer is connected with the magnetic stem, when the displacer move upwards which make the magnetic stem get into the control point's magnetic field, under magnetic induction and magnetic coupling, the magnetic-controlling switch's contact acts to close or open; when the displacer move downwards which make the magnetic stem leave away the control point's magnetic field, the magnetic-controlling switch's contact resets.

Technical parameters

> Switch contact: 10A, 250VDC; 5A, 250 AC.
> Insulation resistance: ≥ 1.0 x 10^12 Ω
> Electric strength: ≥ 12.0 MV/m
> Heat resistance: distortion temperature ≥ 480 ℃
> Maximum operation pressure: customize base on the process condition.
> Ageing resistance: Outdoor exposure to sunlight for 10 years, the strength is not lower than 60%.
> Operation temperature or aluminum wiring box: -50 ~ 480 ℃
> Weather-proof: IP65
> Electrical connection: M20*1.5 female thread
> Explosion-proof: Exia II CT4, Exd IIBT4
> Options item: Isolate safe barrier

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