Rod type float level switch

PrincipleA sealed stainless steel tube (non magnetic conductivity) pass through one or more of the ring magnet floating ball, there are some single contact dry reed switches in the stainless steel tube, and reed switches are distributed on the position of alarm point, the liquid level rising or dropping will drive floating ball move at the same time, when the float magnet reaches to the location of alarm point, reed switch will act and output switch signal.

Technical data

Contact rate: 10W, 30W, 50W

Switch current: 0.5A

Switch voltage: 220VAC/24VDC

Insulation resistance

Switch life span: 10^6 times  

Working pressure: 1.0~3.0MPa   

Working temperature: SUS:-20~200℃  PP:-10~80℃

Medium S.G.: > 0.55

Wetted material option range: SUS304/SUS316/PP/PE/PTFE

Float dimension depend on medium’s density

Installation: Top mounting

Process condition confirm

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