TCUK50 tuning fork level switch

This product is based on the principle of vibrating tuning fork. It is a compact switch, equipped with durable stainless steel body and tuning fork, can service various application. It is applicable to relay output or PNP output, can used as direct input interface as PLC module, but it is only suitable service in safety area.

Technical data

-Measured liquid:  Water,  beverage,  edible oil (viscosity<20cP)

-Wetted part material:  SS304,  Housing material:  SS304

-Fork body length option: 50mm (standard length),  Extended length ( customized )

-Process connection option:  3/4”NPTM,  1” NPTM,  Tri-Clamp fitting

-Process temperature: < 100℃

-Working pressure:  ≤ 10 bar for tri-clamp fitting

-Weather proof:  IP65

-Power supply: 24VDC

-Output option: Relay output (contact rating: 3A / 24VDC),

PNP  24VDC output

NPN  0V output

-Electrical connection: 4 pins fast connector ( DIN 43650 )

Installation diagram

Installation attention:

Do not install tuning fork level switch under the feed port, if it is subjected to the site room limit, need to install under the feed port, please install dam-board over the tuning fork level switch.