RF Admittance Level Transmitter

RF Admittance Level transmitter is applicable to mediums with high viscosity.

Product Description

Typical Applications


● Power plants: coal pile, coal bunker, bunker tanks, exhaust gas purification tank, sump pumps, gray library, tanks, etc.
● Oilfield: crude oil or refined oil storage tanks, three-phase separator, sedimentation tank, sewage tank (pool) and the oil-water interface, drilling mud tank, etc.
● Petrochemical: pipeline, distillation column, concentrated tank, gas tank, ammonia tanks, steam drum, refinery oil depot, electric detarring interface, asphalt tank.
● Chemical industry: crude oil distillation column, silos of raw materials and intermediates, reaction tank, ammonia tanks, toxic liquid tank, solid silo, separators, etc.
● Metallurgy: ore silos, ore grinder, raw materials warehouse, accessories warehouse, blast furnace, alumina bunker, electrolytic cell, buffer tank, etc.
● Cement: stone warehouse, raw silo, cement silo, coal warehouse, slag storage positions.
● Water and water treatment:  tanks, cesspools, water treatment tanks, sedimentation tanks, digestion towers, gas pipelines, deep wells, drinking water, etc.
● Paper: raw materials warehouse, material storage tower, drying drum, chemical material storage silos.
● Other: quarry, food, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, shipbuilding and other industries.



The capacitance between the probe and the tank wall changes accompany with the change of the material level in the tank. And the capacitance between the probe and the tank wall has proportional relation with material level.


Technical Data: 
Model HGSP-16 HGSP-17 HGSP-18
Application Corrosive/conductive liquids, viscous liquids Conductive liquids/conductive solid powder Insulative solids
Insulative liquids
Probe type Insulated hard bar Insulated soft cable Uninsulated soft cable
Process connection G 3/4” G 3/4” G 1”
Process Temp. -100…260℃ -40…140℃ -100…150℃
Process Pressure -0.1…4.0MPa -0.1…4.0MPa -0.1…6.3MPa
Model HGSP-19 HGSP-20 HGSP-21
Application Conductive liquids, interface Deep well, Large range Liquids with low dielectric constant
Probe type Insulated soft cable Soft cable Cylinder type hard bar
Process connection G 3/4” G 3/4” G 1 1/2”
Process Temp. -100…150℃ -100…150℃ -100…150℃
Process Pressure -0.1…4.0MPa -0.1…1.6MPa -0.1…6.3MPa
Model HGSP-22 HGSP-23 HGSP-24
Application Liquids with strong corrosion Interface, electric detarring, strong stirring Insulated solids with high temperature
Probe type insulated hard bar Insulated hard bar Soft cable
Process connection Flange (DN80) G 1” G 1”
Process Temp. -100…150℃ -100…150℃ -50…250℃
Process Pressure -0.1…2.5MPa -0.1…6.3MPa -0.1…1.6MPa




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Answer :  The delivery time depends on the order quantity and product specification.  If the product’s specification is conventional ( not special ),  delivery time is 5 or 7 working days for order quantity ≤ 10 pieces;  delivery time is 2 or 3 working weeks for order quantity 15 ~ 30 pieces. 

Answer :  by Courier,  by Sea or by Air

Answer :  Yes,  Generally warranty is one year.

Answer :  From year 2015  to year 2021,  average annual sales is RMB 350 million ( about USD 54.7 million )

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