Analysis for common faults of Ultrasonic flow meter

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Analysis for common faults of Ultrasonic flow meter

Fault phenomenon 1:  The instantaneous flow of ultrasonic flow meter fluctuates greatly.
Fault cause: The signal intensity fluctuates greatly, and the measured fluid fluctuates greatly.
Fault handling: Re-select the installation position of Ultrasonic flow meter to ensure the upstream straight pipe length ≥10D and the downstream straight pipe length ≥5D. Adjust the position of the probe to improve the signal strength.

Fault phenomenon 2:  The signal intensity of clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meter is low.
Fault cause: The Pipeline diameter is too large or pipe scaling deposit is serious.
Fault handling: Use insertion type probe, the flow display is normal.

Fault phenomenon 3:  After a period of using, the signal intensity of the insertion type ultrasonic flow meter decreases.
Fault cause: The probe may have offset or scaling deposit.
Fault handling: Adjust the probe position and clean the probe emitting surface.

Fault phenomenon 4:  Ultrasonic flow meter has no display when it is powered on.
Fault cause: Power attribute does not correspond to meter’s rating or the fuse is burns out.
Fault handling: Inspect whether the power supply attributes are consistent with the meter’s rating, and replace the fuse if it burns out.

Fault phenomenon 5:  Ultrasonic flow meter cannot be used under strong field interference.
Fault cause: The power supply fluctuates widely or there is frequency converter nearby, or the grounding is not well.
Fault handling: Provide stable power supply to the instrument, install the instrument on the position which is far away from the strong magnetic interference such as frequency converter, and set the grounding wire in standard. The ultrasonic signal cable must be shielded cable, the power cable shall be laid separately, and the magnetic ring isolation transformer shall be connect to the power input end.

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