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faq about hg non contact radar level meter
Cyclopedia of Industrial instrument

FAQ about HG Non-contact Radar level meter

Question: HG Family Radar Level Transmitter is it able to  measurements, “solids fluid”, as corn, beans, rice, barley etc, ok? Answer: Yes, HG Radar Level transmitter is able to measure solid fluid, such as corn, beans, rice, barley, cement, plastic particle/powder Question:  I would like understand as is signal control or radar when surface level

insertion emf flow meter installation
Cyclopedia of Industrial instrument

Insertion type EMF flow meter installation introduction

Up flange is welded on the flow sensor ‘s rod. There is a flow direction arrow on the Up flange. Down flange is lap joint flange. In china, if not stop the process, the common used methold of clearing slurry from the flow probe as follow: Loosen the Up flange’s four Bolts&Nuts just a little

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