Application and advantage of V-cone flowmeters in environmental protection industry

Application and advantage of V-cone flowmeters in environmental protection industry

With the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, the development of environmental protection industry is also growing. As a flow measuring instrument, V-cone flowmeter is widely used in the environmental protection industry and has many advantages.


I  Application of V-cone flowmeters

  1. Wastewater treatment industry

V-cone flowmeters measure the flow rate of wastewater and help monitor the operation of wastewater treatment plants. At the same time, it can also accurately measure the concentration of pollutants in wastewater, and realize the discharge supervision of harmful substances in wastewater.

  1. Air pollution control industry

V-cone flowmeters can be used to measure gas flow in the atmosphere and monitor emissions from pollution sources. For example, the emission of industrial waste gas and the distribution of pollutants in the discharge pipe are monitored, so as to control the source of pollution.

  1. Sewage treatment industry

V-cone flowmeters can measure the flow rate of sewage, and monitor and control the operating status of sewage treatment plants. For example, flow measurement of mixed liquid and flow measurement of reflux liquid in sewage treatment plants can be achieved by using V-cone flowmeters.


II Advantages of V-cone flowmeters

  1. Accurate measurement

V-cone flowmeters have the characteristics of high precision and high sensitivity, and can accurately measure the flow rate. Therefore, it is very suitable for the flow measurement of liquids and gases such as waste water, sewage, industrial waste gas.

  1. Not susceptible to environmental influences

The V-cone flowmeters have a simple structure and is not affected by the environment. Even in the conditions of strong winds, heavy rain and bad weather, it can still work normally.

  1. Low maintenance cost

V-cone flowmeters have long service life and low maintenance costs. Because of its simple structure, the maintenance required is relatively simple. Under normal circumstances, only regular cleaning and calibration are required.


III  Practical application of V-cone flowmeters in environmental protection industry

Take a wastewater treatment plant as an example, they need to monitor the flow of sewage and the concentration of COD during the treatment process. They use a V-cone flowmeter to measure the flow of sewage, and at the same time they use a COD online detector, real-time monitoring of COD concentration. Through the data analysis of V-cone flowmeter and COD online detector, the plant can grasp the situation in wastewater treatment process in real time, find problems in time and take measures to ensure the treatment effect of wastewater and ensure the safety of the environment.

In addition, in another example, an industrial waste gas treatment plant needs to measure the flow and temperature of the waste gas in order to treat the waste gas. They chose the V-cone flowmeter and temperature sensor for measurement, real-time monitoring of the flow and temperature changes of the waste gas, adjustment of the waste gas treatment scheme, reducing the emissions of the waste gas, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

In summary, the V-cone flowmeters have a wide range of applications in the environmental protection industry. Its advantages such as high accuracy, not easy to be affected by the environment and low maintenance costs, can effectively achieve the measurement and monitoring of wastewater, sewage, industrial waste gas and other fluids. This plays an important role in the development of the environmental protection industry and environmental protection.

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