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Do you know how to simulate flow output on water flow meter?

Sometimes, customers need to test the flow meter in their office. So, how to simulate flow output on water flow meter? Take our Electromagnetic water flow meter for example: 1) Please enter menu “Mtsnsr Ena“  and make it disable. 2) Set “Flow Zero” 1200. 3) Exit. Then there’s flow displaying on the electronics.  

How do pressure gauge manufacturer solve the application of new technologies

Pressure gauge manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products and stay ahead of the competition. As new technologies become available, pressure gauge manufacturers must find ways to incorporate them into their products. This can be a challenge, as the technology must be adapted to the specific needs of the pressure gauge. The

What’s going on about LME “Demon Nickel” ?

At year 2022, during March 7th to March 8th, price of London Metal Exchange nickel contract (hereinafter referred to as LME “Nickel”) is continuous soaring, with a total increase of up to 248%, once hitting a record high of $100,000 / ton, become the “Demon Nickel ” which was seriously flying away from fundamentals. On The afternoon of March 8th, the LME website disclosed the suspension of nickel trading, and in the evening announced the postponement delivery of all spot nickel contracts which are scheduled for Delivery on March 9th.

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