Common faults and treatment of Oval Gear Flow meter

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Common faults and treatment of Oval Gear Flow meter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
The rotor does not rotate. 1. The filter is blocked.
2. Impurities enter the flow meter and cause the rotor getting stuck.
1. Clean the filter
2. Check whether the filter screen is damaged and clean the inside of the flow meter.
The rotor rotates normally and the counter does not count. 1. The variable gear gear is badly meshed.
2. The connection part is off riveting or the pin is off.
1. Remove counter, check all levels of speed changer and counter.
2. Do not make the magnetic coupling bear too much torque, otherwise it will be demagnetized due to pole errors.
Steering seal coupling shaft leaks oil. The sealing packing has worn down. Tighten the gland or replace the sealing packing.
Mechanical seal coupling has leakage. 1. The gland is loose.
2. The sealing packing has worn down.
Replace the sealing packing, fill with sealing oil.
The indicated value is less than the actual value 1. The flow rate exceeds the specified range.
2. Medium viscosity is small.
3. The rotor and other rotating parts are not flexible.
1. Make the flow rate in the specified range or change the flow meter of suitable size.
2. Recalibrate, change adjustment gear and correct it.
3. Check the rotor, bearing, drive gear, etc., replace the worn parts.
The indicated value is larger than the actual value 1. The flow rate has large pulsation.
2. Gas is mixed into the medium.
3. Medium viscosity is large.
1. Reduce the flow pulsation in pipeline.
2. Install degasser
3. Recalibrate, replace adjusting gear pair, and correct it.
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