Common faults and treatment of Ultrasonic flow meter

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Common faults and treatment of Ultrasonic flow meter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
The flow rate’s display value  dramatic changes. The sensor is installed on the position where the pipe has vibration or is installed at downstreamthe of the regulator, pump, shrink hole. Install the sensor away from the vibration or move it to upstream of the device which change flow regime.
Sensors are good, but flow rate is low or no flow rate. 1. The paint and rust in the pipeline have not been cleaned.
2. Pipe surface is uneven or the flow sensor is installed at the welding joint.
3. Coupling between sensor and pipeline is not good, coupling surface has cracks or bubbles.
4. Sensors is installed on the casing pipe, which weaken the ultrasonic signal.
1. Clean the pipe again and install the sensor.
2. Worn the pipe surface flat or install flow sensor away from the welding joint.
3. Recoat the coupling agent.
4. Install the sensors on the pipe section where there is no casing pipe.
Incorrect reading 1. Sensors are installed at the top and bottom of horizontal pipes, and the sediment interferes with ultrasonic signals.
2. The sensor is mounted on the pipeline section where water flows down and the pipe is not fully filled with fluid.
1. Install sensors at both sides of the pipeline.
2. Install the sensor on the pipeline section which is fully filled with the fluid.
The flow meter was working fine, and suddenly it stopped measuring flow rate. 1. The measured medium changes.
2. The measured medium is vaporized due to high temperature.
3. The temperature of the measured medium exceeds the upper limit of the sensor.
4. The coupling agent under the sensor is aged or consumed.
5. The meter exceeds its own filter value due to high-frequency interference.
6. Data loss in computer.
7. The computer crashed.
1. Change the measurement.
2. Cooling.
3. Cooling.
4. Recoat the coupling agent.
5. Keep away from interference sources.
6. Re-enter the data.
7. Restart the computer
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