HGLS-2000UF In-line Ultrasonic Flow meter

In-pipeline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Application: Volumetric flow measurement of all kinds of clear liquids

Advantages: Easy installation and configuration; OEM acceptable!

With its precision, minimal maintenance requirements, and adaptability to various liquids, the HGLS-2000UF is revolutionizing fluid flow measurement, contributing to enhanced efficiency and quality control across industrial processes, water management, pharmaceuticals, and energy production.

Product Description

Technical data of Flow transmitter


Converter Principle Transit-time method
Accuracy Inline type: flow meter:±0.5%; heat meter: ±1.0%
Clamp on type:flow meter:±1.0%; heat meter:±2.0%
Insertion type: flow meter:±1.0%; heat meter:±2.0%
Operation 4-key manipulation with magnetic pen touch or finger touch; simulation keyboard software
Output One way 4~20mA analog output,electric resistance:0~1k,accuracy:0.1%
One way OCT pulse signal output
One way Relay output
Input 3 way 4~20mA analog input,accuracy:0.1%;Acquisition signal of temperature,press and liquid level
Achieve heat measurement by connecting 3-wired PT100 temperature transducers
Data interface RS485 serial interface,upgraded by computer, support MODBUS communication protocol
Special cable Twisted-pair shielded cable and cable length should be no more than 50 m .Transmission distance can achieve 1 km, if select the RS 485 interface
Pipeline Pipe mateial Steel, stainless, cast iron ,copper,cement,PVC,aluminum, glass steel,etc.
Pipe diameter DN10mm~DN1000mm
Straight pipe
Transducers installation points should be:10 diameters’ straight pipeline from upstream transducer; 5 diameters’ straight pipeline from the downstream transducer;30 diameters’ straight pipeline from the pump
Fluid Liquid type Single liquid that can conduct sound wave, such as water, seawater, sewage, plant effluent, chemicals, alcohol, beer, oil, etc.
Fluid Temp. -30℃~160℃
Turbidity ≤10000ppm,with little bubble
Fluid velocity 0m/s~7m/s
Temperature Converter:-20℃~60℃; Transducer:-30℃~160℃
Humidity Both of the converter and transducers can work under water, depth underwater ≤2m. (After completely sealing )
Power supply DC8~36V;  AC100~240V (optional) 1.5W
Power  Consumption:  1.5W
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Optional flow sensor
( Thread connection )
DN15 ~ DN32
( Thread connection )
DN15 ~ DN32
( Flange connection )
DN40 ~ DN1000
( Flange connection )
 tuf 2000 s4  tuf 2000 s1  tuf 2000 s2  tuf 2000 s3


Requirement to the installation position of the Ultrasonic flow sensor

1> The installation position on pipeline must be full of fluid, the position marked with red in the following diagram are pipeline section of full fluid. The pipeline should not have strong vibration.

install attention 1


2> The installation position on pipeline must be steady flow section, see the positions marked with “√” in the following diagrams

install attention 2

install attention 3

The requirement of steady flow field as follow:
●If the installation position is far away from pump’s outlet and the half-open valve, make sure the upstream straight pipe length ≥10D, downstream straight pipe length ≥5D
●If the installation position is near the pump’s outlet or near the half-open valve, make sure the upstream straight pipe length ≥30D, downstream straight pipe length ≥5D


3> End user should select the installation position which is not easy to produce scale formation, if the pipeline cannot avoid the scale formation, user can set the thickness of scale formation as the liner of pipeline.

4> At the same pipeline system, user should select the pipeline section of lower temperature as the installation position.

5> Ultrasonic flow converter should keep away from the strong electromagnetic interference source such as frequency converter, broadcasting station, base station, high-voltage power line. Do not share the power supply with the frequency converter, advise to use the isolated power supply. The shielding layer of flow converter, flow sensor should be ground connection.

6> For the flow meter which need to be buried under ground, need to build a instrument well, in order to make sure the instrument well has enough installation and maintaining space for the flow meter, the dimension of the instrument well should meet the requirement shown in the following diagram:

install attention 4




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