Outline structure and installation of Metal Tube Rotameter

metal tube rotameter




Metal tube rotameter, also known as variable area flowmeter, is suitable for the measurement of gas, steam and liquid. The flowmeter can be used to measure continuous clean gases and liquids, especially for flow measurement and control in low flow rate and harsh medium conditions, not suitable for measuring medium containing solid particles or with high viscosity.

Metal tube rotameter is suitable for measuring the following mediums, such as water, hydrocarbons, corrosion protection agents and lubricants, chemicals and additives, solutions, superheated steam, air, industrial gases, etc.


Different types of Metal tube rotameter


outline 1

outline 2




Installation diagram of Metal tube rotameter

installation 1 1

installation 2

installation 3



Maintenance of Metal tube rotameter

※ Premise to correctly detect the indicator: must ensure the flexible and normal operation of float. Check whether the fastening and set screws are loose. When removing the base or the indicator, ensure that the position of the indicator does not change. Otherwise, the indicator may be misaligned with the float.

※ There’s a one-to-one correspondence between the indicator and the measuring tube. Note that the machine number of indicator is consistent with that of measuring tube.

※ RP adjustment, the meter is placed vertically, the float falls at the bottom, check whether the pointer correctly indicates the RP point, if not at the RP point, the pointer can be adjusted to the RP position.

※ Metal tube rotameter generally does not need maintenance, if the medium contains ferromagnetic particles or mud sand, the float may be stuck. When this phenomenon occurs, the flow meter should be removed from the pipe to clean up and return to normal.

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