Analysis of vortex flowmeter failure cases

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Analysis of vortex flowmeter failure cases

1. The vortex flowmeter suddenly has no current output.
[Fault check]: Check if the power supply is normal. Use handheld operator to test the loop, set the range of 0%, 25%, 50%, and 100% in the J10 parameter, and there is no current output. It is judged that the amplifier is faulty.
[Troubleshooting]: After replacing the amplifier and resetting the parameters (key parameters such as K factor, size, range, etc.), the vortex flowmeter returns to normal.

2. The process has no flow, while the vortex flowmeter still shows flow.
[Fault check]: Firstly, check the setting of small signal removal, and finally, it is found that the parameter setting is wrong, and the size of the flowmeter is set incorrectly.
[Troubleshooting]: After modifying the meter size, the flowmeter displays normally. If the parameter setting is correct, it can be corrected by the low-pass filter capacitor.

3. The vortex flowmeter shows a large error.
[Fault Check]: According to the technical agreement, it is found that the filter capacitor setting has a large deviation from the medium density.
[Troubleshooting]: According to the manual, after re-modifying the filter capacitor, the flowmeter displays normally. The filter capacitor is modified one level lower than density for liquid, and two levels lower than density for gas.

4. The vortex flowmeter shows zero.
[Failure check]: For separate type vortex flowmeter, the coaxial cable is broken.
[Troubleshooting]: After replacing the coaxial cable, the meter displays normal.

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