Analysis of Mass Flow meter Repair

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Analysis of Mass Flow meter Repair

1. The process pipeline has flow, but the display value of mass flow meter doesn’t change.
[Fault check]: Open the junction box on the spot and find that there is water, and then check that there is no sealing plug.
[Troubleshooting]: Dry the wiring terminal and junction box, install a sealing plug, and the meter displays normally.

2. YOKOGAWA FIR306 type Mass flowmeter suddenly has no output.
[Fault check]: The panel displays E-08 alarm, the thermal resistance in the meter is faulty, and the thermal resistance is open after measurement.
[Troubleshooting]: In order not to affect the production, a thermal resistance was installed in the measurement place, and the built-in thermal resistance was inserted into the meter to solve the problem.

3. RCCT3 mass flow meter has no output.
[Fault check]: The E-01 alarm message appears on the viewing panel, indicating that the drive frequency is out of range, and no problem is found on the flow meter. Find the cause together with the process, and it is caused by the vaporization of the tested liquid.
[Troubleshooting]: After closing the outlet valve appropriately, the mass flow meter returns to normal.

4. The mass flowmeter still has accumulated flow when the process has no flow.
[Fault check]: It was found that the installation support at both ends of the sensor did not meet the requirements. One is that the distance between the two ends of the support is not equal, and the other is that the bottom of the support is suspended from the ground, which does not play a supporting role.
[Troubleshooting]: Rectify the supports at both ends of the mass flowmeter sensor to make it meet the installation requirements.

5. The mass flow meter in operation shows fluctuations.
[Fault Check]: Suspected that the wiring is in poor contact, checked and tightened the wiring terminals several times, but there was no improvement. Later, it was found that the wiring between the converter and the sensor was in poor contact.
[Troubleshooting]: Re-tighten the wiring and troubleshoot.

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