Common faults and treatment of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Common faults and treatment of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
Without flow signal output 1.The power supply to the instrument is abnormal.
2.The cable connection is abnormal.
3.Liquid flow condition does not meet requirements.
4.The sensor parts are damaged or the inner wall of the meter tube has an adhesion layer.
5.The converter component is damaged.
1.Check whether the output voltage of the power board is normal.
2.Connect cables correctly.
3.Check the flow direction and whether the tube is fully filled with liquid.
4.Periodically clean up the adhesion layer on the inner wall of the meter tube.
5.Replace the damaged components.
Output fluctuation 1.Electromagnetic interference produced by external stray current.
2.The pipe is not fully filled with liquid or the liquid contains air bubbles
3.The power supply PCB of the flowmeter is loose.
1.Check the operating environment of the instrument, whether there is large electrical appliances or welding machines which are working.
2.Make the liquid fully fill the meter tube, and eliminate the bubles in the liquid.
3.Disassemble the flowmeter and reinstall the circuit board.
The flow measurement is inconsistent with the actual value 1.Transmitter circuit board is failure.
2.The fluid flows too slowly and contains tiny bubbles.
3.The signal cable is not properly connected.
4.The converter’s parameter Setting is incorrect.
1.Check whether the transmitter circuit board is in good condition.
2.Ensure that the flow rate of the measured liquid in the pipeline is higher than the flow rate low limit.
3.Check whether the signal cable connection and cable insulation are in good condition.
4.Reset the converter set value, and calibrate the converter’s zero point and full span point.
Output signal is out of range 1.The signal cable is incorrectly connected.
2.The converter’s parameter Setting is incorrect.
3.The converter does not match the sensor model.
1.Check the connection of the signal loop.
2.Check whether the parameters setting of the converter, zero point and full span point meet the requirements.
3.Replace the converter to make it model match the sensor model.
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