Common faults and treatment of Vortex Flow Meter

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Common faults and treatment of Vortex Flow Meter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
The luid is flowing in the pipeline, but the flow meter has no output Flow meter has no display no output 1.The power supply is faulty.
2.The power supply is not connected.
3.The connection cable is disconnected or incorrectly connected.
1.Replace the power supply with a new one.
2.Switch on the power.
3.Rewire and check the cables.
Flow meter has display but no output 1. The flow rate is too low, is not in the measurement range.
2. Some stage of amplifier circuit is faulty.
3. The probe body is damaged.
4. Pipes are blocked or sensors are jammed.
1. Increase the flow rate or reselect the flow meter.
2. Replace the main PCB
3. Change the probe
4. Reinstall the flow meter.
No flow rate but has output after power on Output signal is stable 1. The output frequency is 50 Hz, power frequency interference.
2. The amplifier plate is damaged and produces self-excitation.
1. Choose shielded cable and reconnect it as required.
2. Replace the amplifier.
The output signal is variable 1. There is strong electric equipment or high frequency interference near the flowmeter.
2. There was a strong shock in the pipe.
3. The magnification or trigger sensitivity of the amplifier plate is too high.
4. Pipeline valve is not completely closed, there is leakage flow.
1. Select a new installation site.
2. Reinforce the pipeline at the position where the flowmeter is installed.
3. Counterclockwise reduce magnification (GB) or sensitivity (SB)
4. Check the valve
Output flow signal is not stable Reasons of model selection, installation and pipeline 1. There is strong electrical interference signal, instrument is not grounded, flow signal is overlayed with interference signal.
2. Straight pipe length is not enough or pipeline inner diameter inconsistent with instrument inner diameter.
3. The impact of pipe vibration.
4. Flowmeter measure tube’s axes is not at the pipeline’s axes.
5. The pipeline is not fully filled with fluid.
6. The flow rate is below the lower limit or exceeds the upper limit.
7. There is cavitation in the fluid.
1. Reconnect the ground.
2. Select the suitable installation position.
3. Reinforce the pipeline to reduce vibration.
4. Reinstall the flow meter.
5. Check flowing condition of the fluid and instrument installation position.
6. Increase or decrease the flow rate or adjust the filter coefficient of the amplifier board.
7. Install valve at the downstream of instrument to increase back pressure.
Reason of the instrument itself 1. Parameter setting is error.
2. The mainboard is damaged.
1. Re-setup the instrument’s parameters.
2. Replace the mainboard.
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