Common faults and treatment of Metal tube rotameter

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Common faults and treatment of Metal tube rotameter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
Flow indicator’s pointer is jittering 1. Medium pulsation.
2. Pressure is unstable.
1. Increase the damping.
2. Use pressure stabilizer or flow stabilizer device.
The flow indicator’s pointer stopped at a certain position 1. Open valve too fast which cause the float getting stuck.
2. The float guide rod’s axis is different that of the stop ring.
1. Slow the valve opening speed.
2. Remove the instrument for adjustment.
Large measurement error 1. The installation does not meet requirements.
2. The density of liquid medium varies greatly.
3. Temperature and pressure have great influence.
4. Pipe vibration.
1. Angle of inclination is not more than 20 degrees for vertical installation or horizontal installation.
2. Calculate the error correction coefficient and multiply the reading to get the actual flow rate.
3. Using temperature and pressure compensation.
4. Find a professional to adjust parts.
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