Common faults and treatment of Coriolis mass flow meter

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Common faults and treatment of Coriolis mass flow meter
Fault phenomenon Reason Treatment measures
Instantaneous flow rate is always maximum value 1. Cable disconnection or sensor is damaged.
2. The fuse in the transmitter is burnt out.
3. Sensor measurement tube is blocked
1. Replace the cable or the sensor.
2. Replace the cable or the sensor.
3. After dredging the sensor measurement tube, tap the sensor shell and measure the AC and DC voltage again. If the measurement still fails, is the installation stress too large, advise to reinstall the sensor.
When the flow rate is increasing, the flowmeter indicates a negative increase. The flowing direction is contrary to the direction marked on the sensor shell, or the signal line is connected inversely. Change the installation direction and signal cable connection.
When the fluid is flowing, the flow rate display pulsate between positive and negative, which has a large pulsation range and sometimes stay at a negative maximum value 1. The ground resistance of shielded cables for AC and DC power supply are greater than 4 ohms.
2. Pipeline vibration.
3. A fluid has two phase components which contain gas and liquid.
4. There is strong magnetic field or RF interference around the transmitter.
1. Re ground again.
2. Replace the connection pipe of the flowmeter with a metal flexible pipe.
3. Make a hole in the pipe above the flowmeter and install a valve to exhaust the gas phase components.
4. Change the environment around the transmitter.
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