PR8100 Paperless Recorder

Paperless recorder is used to collect measured data from the industrial field measuring instruments such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, voltage, current, humidity, frequency, vibration, speed, etc. Paperless recorder has the characteristics of paperless recording, good real-time performance, high precision, with communication, queryable and intelligent functions. The main applications are: metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, building materials, paper, food, pharmaceutical, universities, biological research, heat treatment, water treatment and other industrial sites and a variety of smart IOT application scenarios.

Product Description


< 1 > System
● Using the latest large-scale integrated circuit
● Using high-speed & high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor
● 10.4 inch 640x 480 dot-matrix TFT high brightness and color graphic LCD, CCFL backlight, clear picture, brilliant color, and wide viewing angles.
● Fully isolated universal input, which can input a variety of signals. It can be configured by software without jumper.
● New switching power supply, which can function properly within the range of 85VAC ~ 265 VAC.
● Integrated hardware real -time clock, which can run accurately in case of power down.
● Provide isolated 24VDC power distribution for transmitter.
● Large capacity storage of FLASH memory chips to store historical data, which will never lose data in case of power-down.
● 24-way relay alarm output.

< 2 > Signal
● You can input a variety of standard signals: standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance.
● Signal full- scale accuracy: ± 0.2%.
● Optoelectronic devices are used between channels and they are completely isolated.
● Providing standard 4-20mA for transmitter output.

< 3 > Software
● Use password to protect configuration data.
● Easy menu configuration. It can configure freely and display the engineering tag number and engineering units.
● Engineering quantities display wide range of values. It can show five digits: -9999~ 19999, and it also supports the display of vacuum scientific notation.
● Indicate the low low limit alarm, low limit alarm, high limit alarm, high high limit alarm of all channel simultaneously. It can record up to recent 15 alarms.
● Each channel all supports flow accumulation function, and provides hourly report, 8-hour shift report, 12-hour shift report, daily and monthly reports and other reports.
● Trend display mode can select horizontal trend or vertical trend.
● 5 groups of trend combination are provided, and each group can be free to choose channel, free and the color of trends.
● It has a powerful T6 input method which is easy to operate. It supports numbers, characters, special symbols, subscripts and superscripts input, etc.

< 4 > Communication
● Standard serial communication interface: RS-485 or RS-232C.
● It supports the standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, providing a variety of data types, such as the percentage, engineering quantities, accumulation and so on. In addition to supporting our company’s data management software, it also supports some popular professional configuration software, such as the iFIX, MCGS, etc.
● Use USB2.0 interface for transfer storage and backup of history records. It can support maximum 8G USB flash drives.
● It supports the FAT32 file system. Windows can automatically identify the backup data files without format conversion.
● It can connect with an external micro-printer, so you can manually print data and trends, and automatically print real-time on a regular basis to meet the needs of the user to print on the filed.


pr8100 dimension






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