FAQ about HG Non-contact Radar level meter

faq about hg non contact radar level meter
Question: HG Family Radar Level Transmitter is it able to  measurements, “solids fluid”, as corn, beans, rice, barley etc, ok?

Answer: Yes, HG Radar Level transmitter is able to measure solid fluid, such as corn, beans, rice, barley, cement, plastic particle/powder

Question:  I would like understand as is signal control or radar when surface level in various level position as photo attached?

Answer:  Radar level meter  always  take the highest material level (which  is  in position range underface the radar level sensor, see green  mark on left picture ) as the measured material level ,  data Sampling Frequency is 60 times/second, the level average value is the measured result .

Question:  what is best recommendation to install radar in tank storage grains, cement, plastic etc?

Answer:  For the tank as left picture,  Radar level  transmitter should be installed the position of 1/4 tank out diameter and must  be as much as possible far away from feed port.  The nozzle for install Radar level sensor  should be less than 150mm. (see blue mark on level picture)  It  is not allowed that there are obstacles underface the radar level  sensor

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