Insertion type Electromagnetic flow meter installation introduction

insertion emf flow meter installation

Up flange is welded on the flow sensor ‘s rod. There is a flow direction arrow on the Up flange.
Down flange is lap joint flange.
In china, if not stop the process, the common used methold of clearing slurry from the flow probe as follow:

  1. Loosen the Up flange’s four Bolts&Nuts just a little bit
  2. Rotate the flow sensor for 180°( After rotate 180°, the flow direction arrow on the up flange will point to the opposite direction )
  3. Exchange the two wires connected on the wiring terminal SIG 1 and SIG2 to make the displayed instant flow rate and total flow is still positive.( wiring terminal SIG 1 and SIG2 are on the flow transmitter’s wiring box)
    This methold use the fluid’s scouring force to eliminate some slurry which adhere to the flow probe. After running for some time, used the methold above to rotate flow sensor for 180°again. This methold can reduce the times of remove and insert flow sensor.
    If want to remove flow sensor without stop process, need to use two lead screw, see operation introduction in sheet 1.
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