Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Battery powered Electromagnetic flow meter is mainly used on the sites which have no external power supply, to measure the volume flow of water, waste water, sewage, beverage, slurry, the fluid temperature usually not more than 120℃, fluid’s conductivity not less than 5μS/cm.

Standard configuration of Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter: Lithium battery powered (3.6V / 19AH),  can support flow meter continuously working for about 5 years.
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Product Description

Introduction to Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter’s W803E display pannel


w803e c2


Infrared remote controller for operating on W803E display panel of Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter


infrared controller


Technical data of Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Suitable Diameter DN25~DN2600 (below DN25 non-standard)
Electrode quantity 3pcs ( a pair of measuring electrode and a ground electrode)
Suitable Fluid Liquid with conductivity not less than 5 μs/cm
Measuring Range 0.5~10m/s (extendable to 15m/s)
Upper Limit of Span 0.5~10m/s. 1~5m/s recommended
Accuracy 0.5%, 1.0% of F.S.
Repeatability Better than 0.25%
Display of Converter Display : Flow rate ( 4-digits), Totalizer (9-digits), Velocity, Alarm status by LCD ( LED-option)
Flow unit: L/h, L/m, L/s, m3/h, m3/min, m3/s,
USG/h, USG/min,USG/s ( USG is us Gallon on request )
Flow direction : selectable by program
3 Digits display below of decimal points.
K-factor: 5 digits.
Programming language: English, Chinese
Structure option: Compact type; Remote Type
Power supply configuration Lithium battery pack, 3.6V/19AH (only support flow meter exciting and display, not support analog output or communication)
Optional function External powered 12VDC / 24VDC, RS485 communication
Operation Pressure 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 4.0MPa, 16MPa (Special)
Operation temperature Depends on liner material
Ambient Temperature Sensor -40°C ~80°C. transducer -10°C ~50°C
Ambient Humidity ≤ 85%RH (at 20 ℃)
Power Consumption ≤ 8W
Wheather-proof Compact type: IP65. Remote type: sensor IP68, transducer IP65.
Electrode material option 316L (stainless steel), Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum
Liner material option PTFE, Soft rubber, Hard rubber, F46, FS, PUR.
Meter tube material option Carbon steel, SS304
Connection type Flange connection, Tri-clamp
Flange standard option GB9119-88 (DIN2051, BS4504), JIS, ANSI
Explosion-proof Exd mb IICT6 Gb
Certificate ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, SIL 3, OHSAS18001:2007


Menu list of Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Menu code Menu level Description
Parameters Set Level 1 Has submenus
Clr Total Rec Total flow clearing
Flow Total Rec Month total flow record
Heat Total Rec Month heat flow record
Error Record Error record
Operate Mode Level 2,  ( in Level 1

Menu ”Parameters Set”)

Has submenus
Flow Parameters Has submenus
Output Parameter Has submenus
Sensor Paramet Has submenus
Linearization Has submenus
Tempert Param. Has submenus
Communication Has submenus
Date Parameters Has submenus
Factory Adjust Has submenus
Total Parameter Has submenus
Pressure Param. Has submenus
Test Parameter Has submenus
Operate Mode Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Operate Mode”)

Flow measure mode select setting

Option: Flow only, Flow+Pressure, Flow+Temperature

Interval Time Measure time interval setting
Meter Dormancy Meter dormancy password setting
Measure Mode Heat measuring mode select setting
LCD off Enable LCD screen shutdown mode Enable
Sensor Size Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Flow Parameters”)

Meter pipe size selection
Flow Unit Flow unit selection
Flow Range Flow range setting
Flow Directon Flow direction selection
Flow Zero CRC Flow zero point correct
Flow Cutoff Small flow signal cut-off setting
Flow FilterTime Measure damping time setting
Reverse Flow En Reverse flow measuring Enable
Starting Value Threshold value of frequently measuring
High Alm. Limit Flow rate High limit Alarm
Heat Display Heat display select setting
Pulse Output En Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Output Parameter”)

Pulse output Enable
Pulse Unit Pulse output unit
Pulse Factor Setting Pulse equivalent
Pulse Width Setting pulse width
Sensor Factor Level 3, ( in Level 2

Menu ”Sensor Paramet.”)

Sensor coefficient setting
Excitation Time Excitation Mode selection
Sensor Coding Sensor Code
Empertypipe Value Threshold of Empty pipe alarm
Emperty Zero CRC Empty pipe zero point correct
Emperty Range CRC Empty pipe full point correct
System Alarm En System alarm Enable
Linearizati. Ena Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Linearization”)

Flow linearity correct Enable
Speed Point 1 Flow point1
Speed Value 1 Flow point1’s corrected value
Speed Point 2 Flow point2
Speed Value 2 Flow point2’s corrected value
Speed Point 3 Flow point3
Speed Value 3 Flow point3’s corrected value
Speed Point 4 Flow point4
Speed Value 4 Flow point4’s corrected value
Speed Point 5 Flow point5
Speed Value 5 Flow point5’s corrected value
Speed Point 6 Flow point6
Speed Value 6 Flow point6’s corrected value
Speed Point 7 Flow point7
Speed Value 7 Flow point7’s corrected value
Speed Point 8 Flow point8
Speed Value 8 Flow point8’s corrected value
Finish Point Flow velocity correct of the flow end point
Heat Unit Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Tempert Param.”)

Heat unit selection
Sensor Position Flow sensor position setting
Temperat. Filter Temperature sensor filtering time selection
Ent. T Zero CRC Inlet temperature zero point correcting
Ent. T Range CRC Inlet temperature full span point correcting
Out. T Zero CRC Outlet temperature zero point correcting
Out. T Range CRC Outlet temperature full span point correcting
Pressure Range Battery power supply heat meter is set at 0.6MP and 1.6MP pressures according to the

industry standard CJ128-2007 of the People’s Republic of China.

Ent. Temp. Calic. Inlet temperature correcting factor
Out. Temp. Calic. Outlet temperature correcting factor
CommAddres Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Communication”)

Communication address range is from 01 to 199. address 0 is reserved.
Communicat.Gap Communication Gap is used to send data to communication terminal, set range: 01~199 s.
IrDA Port Ena This menu is temporarily reserved.
Communicat.rate Baud rate setting
Communicat.check Instrument is no parity of standard MODBUS check mode. Users can choose odd parity or even parity as needed.
YEAR Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Date Parameters”)

Year-time setting
MONTH Month-time setting
DAY Day-setting
HOUR Hour-time setting
MINUTE Minute-time setting
SECOND Second-time setting
Language Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Factory Adjust”)

Display language selection (Chinese / English)
Meter Factor Meter’s calibration coefficient (factory setting)
Meter Correct Meter’s correct coefficient (factory setting)
Enter Password1 Password setting (permit enter menu “parameter set”)
Meter code1 Code records of the time the converter leaves the factory and the number.
Meter code2
Meter code3
Meter code4
Multiplier This menu is temporarily reserved.
Factory Logo Factory logo Enable
Flow Total Unit Level 3, ( in Level 2

Menu ” Total Parameter”)

Total flow integrating unit selection
Heat Total unit Total heat integrating unit selection
Clear Total Key Password setting (permit total clear)
FWD Total Low Low bits of forward total flow
FWD Total High High bits of forward total flow
REV Total Low Low bits of reverse total flow
REV Total High High bits of reverse total flow
Heat Total Low Low bits of heat total
Heat Total High High bits of heat total
Total Display Total display mode selection
Pressure Unit Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Pressure Param”)

Pressure unit selection
P_Sensor Excit Pressure exiciting current selection
Pressure Gain Pressure gain setting
Pressure Zero CRC Pressure zero point correcting
Press. Gain CRC Pressure full point correcting
Set Velocity Level 3,  ( in Level 2

Menu ” Test Parameter”)

This menu is temporarily reserved.
Set Ent.Tempe. This menu is temporarily reserved.
Set Exi.Tempe. This menu is temporarily reserved.


Workshop Assembly line
   workshop assembly line


Workshop Calibration line





Filed application of ElectroMagnetic flow meter

Drink water flow measurement                                 Waste water flow measurement                           Slurry flow measurement

field application




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