Non-invasive Sonar ultrasonic level meter

The intelligent Non-invasive Sonar ultrasonic level meter (hereinafter referred to as the externally attached liquid level meter) adopts advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip, breaks through the influence of the wall thickness of the container and realizes the non-contact measurement of the liquid level in the closed container. The sonar ultrasonic probe is installed at the closed container’s bottom, no need to open holes on the container, the installation is simple, not affect the production. It can accurately measure liquid level of various toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various pure liquids in the high-pressure airtight containers. This kind liquid level meter adopts explosion-proof design and widely service high pressure, radioactivity, toxicity, corrosion and other special occasions.

Product Description

Working principle

Non-invasive sonar ultrasonic level meter adopts the principle of sonar echo measuring distance, overcome the influence of the tank wall on the transmission of ultrasonic signals, use advanced digital signal processing technology, it achieves non-contact, high-precision liquid level measurement for the closed tanks. This type liquid level meter can output 4-20mA analog current signal or output the measurement result to the upper computer through the RS485 interface to realize automatic control.

Product feature

  • The sonar ultrasonic level probe is attached on external wall of container, no need to open holes on the container.
  • Has self-calibration function, overcomes the problem that the accuracy of the traditional liquid level meter is reduced after long-term use.
  • Be convenient for the infrared remote controller to operate, especially suitable for the situations that it is not suitable to open the instrument cover for debugging in dangerous area.
  • Has self-diagnosis function, as well as hardware diagnosis function, which enhances the reliability and stability of the level meter.
  • When the liquid level meter works abnormally, it can be restored to the normal state with one key operation on the infrared remote controller.
  • The level meter can display the measured liquid level value, also can transmit the measure data to the control room through signal line.

Application condition

  • Medium purity: the liquid shall not be filled with dense air bubbles; shall not suspend a large amount of solids, such as crystals, the bottom of the tank shall not has a large amount of sediment.
  • Material of container: carbon steel, stainless steel, various hard metals, glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy resin, hard plastic, ceramics, glass, hard rubber or other composite material.
  • Applicable tank’s shape: Horizontal tank, spherical tank, trough tank, vertical tank, etc.
  • Applicable medium:

C3, Mother liquid ammonia, liquid ammonia, acetone, propylene, diesel, nitrogen methyl, aniline, Butadiene, butane, Xylene, dimethyl ether, Aromatic hydrocarbons, Phenol water, hydrogen fluoride, Freon, Propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, methylamine, Toluene, methanol, Methyl tert-butyl ether, formaldehyde, Alcohol,  polyethylene, sulfuric acid, Chlorobenzene, methyl chloride, vinyl chloride, kerosene, concentrated sulfuric acid, UDMH, gasoline, light hydrocarbons, hydrofluoric acid, trifluoroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, banana water, Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, nitric acid, bromine, hydrochloric acid, liquid ammonia, liquefied carbon dioxide, liquefied gas, liquefied petroleum gas, Liquefied hydrocarbons, liquid chlorine, ethanol, ether, ethane, ethylene, ethylene propylene, isobutane, isobutene, feedstock oil, n-butane, vegetable oil.

  • Probe installation requirements

1). There are no obstructions such as coils directly above the probe.
2). The probe is higher than the sewage outlet.
3). The probe shall be far away from the liquid inlet at the bottom of the tank, also shall be far away from the location which is under face the liquid inlet at the top of the tank.
4). When the level probe is installed by magnetic/adhesive method, the diameter of the installation surface on the container’s external wall shall not be smaller than Φ100mm. The surface roughness should reach Ra 1.6, and the inclination shall be less than 3° (except the bypass pipe).


Technical parameter

Type 2-wire 4-wire Intrinsic safety type
Range 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m
Accuracy 1‰ ~1% (depends on the container’s wall thickness and the stability of process pressure & process temperature.
Indication Resolution 1 mm
Applicable container’s wall thickness 2 ~ 70 mm
Power supply 24VDC
Output signal Analog output 4 ~20mA ( Maximum load 750 Ω)
Communication RS485(Modbus) / HART /
Debugging interface Infrared
Power 10 W 1 W
Transmitter housing Material: Cast Aluminum
Weather proof IP67
Explosion proof Exd IICT6 Gb Exia IIBT5 Ga
Ambient humidity 15% ~ 100% RH
Ambient temperature -50 ~ 70℃
Working temperature for probe Normal temperature type:  -50 ~ 70 ℃

High temperature type:  up to 100 ℃

Dimension for transmitter L*W*G:  160*228*180 mm
Weight of transmitter 3.4 Kg


Installation diagram

uni2000 lt install01


uni2000 lt install02


uni2000 lt install03


Application case

uni2000 lt application01

uni2000 lt application02





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