Problems we might meet in the operation of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

In the operation of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter we might meet the following problems.

1)     Zero calibration

Coriolis mass flow meter

After correct installation, the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter should be powered at least 30 minutes for warm-up and then make the liquid pass through the flowmeter until the temperature of Mass Flowmeter is same as working temperature of liquid.

Afterward, close the downstream valve, make the liquid pass through the flowmeter under normal temperature, density and pressure and then

close the upstream valve to assure the sensor is full of liquid during the process of zero calibration.

2)  Transducer (electronics) locked

coriolis 2 1

Please open the front cover of the Coriolis mass flow meter, it will be like shown in above picture. Please push the terminal to the left, make it same as others. That’s all.

3)   Vibration stops

If the coriolis mass flow meter has worked normally for some time and appears “Vibration stop” on the screen, then it means there’re some impurities (solid particles) in the measuring tube, then you need to wash the measuring tube.Then re-install the flowmeter and let liquid flow through the measuring tube at a normal flow rate. Please make sure that all the valves at inlet should be open.  Please also check if the flange centre distances are aligned.

4) Total flow cleared to zero

Please follow the following operations to clear the total flow of Coriolis mass flow meter to zero.

Please open the front lid of the transmitter, and you’ll find the terminal at the right side of the displaying screen. Please turn the K1 to the same

direction with the other terminal.

Coriolis mass flow meter

After that go back to the menu- Configuration and find the reset at the flow configuration.

Menu No. 18.

coriolis mass flow meter

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