HGLS-2000B Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter

HGLS-2000B wall-mount ultrasonic flow meter is designed to be installed in a fixed location for long-term flow measuring.  Features as follow:
● Principle: transit-time measuring, Weather proof: IP67
● Measurable flow velocity: 0.03 – 7m/s, Accuracy: better than 1% for flow
● LCD screen, display total flow / heat, instant flow / heat, velocity, time etc.
● Output option: 4-20mA / OCT pulse,RS485, Modbus protocol (standard config.), Relay alarm (optional)
● Pt100 resistor input (optional, for heat measuring)
● Power supply option: 24VDC, 220VAC
● Signal Cable length: 5m * 2 (standard config.), or customize cable length
● Guide rail mounting ( Optional )


Product Description

Technical Specifications
Item description
Main unit Accuracy Better than ± 1%
Repeatability Better than 0.2%
Principle Transit-time measuring principle
Measurement period 500ms
Display LCD with backlight , display accumulated flow/heat, instantaneous
Flow / heat, velocity, time etc.
Output Analogue output: 4-20mA or 0-20mA current output. Impedance 0 -1k Ω. Accuracy 0.1%.
OCT output: Frequency signal (1~9999HZ)
Relay output: over 20 source signal (no signal, reverse flow etc.)
RS485 serial port
Input Three analogue input
Three-wire PT100 resistor input (optional)
Other functions Automatically record t he totalizer data of the last 64 days / 64 months /5 years. The power-on time and corresponding flow rate of the last 64 power on and off events. Allow manual or automatic flow loss compensation. The instrument working status of the last 64 days.
Pipe Material Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipe, copper, PVC, aluminum, FRP etc. Liner is allowed
Size DN 32 -6000mm
Straight pipe
Upstream ≥10D, Downstream ≥ 5D, distance from the pump discharge ≥ 30D. (D stands for pipe diameter)
(must fully fill the pipeline )
Type Liquid, no strong corrosivity, Common used fluid: Water, sea water, sewage, alcohol, beer.
Temperature Standard: -30 ˚ C – 90 ˚ C , High-temperature : -30 ˚ C – 160 ˚ C
Flow velocity measurable range 0 .03 ~ 7 m/s
Turbidity Content of particulate impurity and bubbles shall be less than 10000ppm.
Flow Direction Bi-directional measuring, net flow/heat measuring
Environment Temperature Main Unit: -30 ˚ C – 80 ˚ C
Transducer: -40 ℃-160 ℃, Temperature transducer: select on enquiry
Humidity Main Unit: 85% RH
Transducer: water-immersible, water depth less than 3m
Cable Twisted Pair Line, standard length of 10m, can be extended to 500m (but such length is not recommended); contact the manufacturer for longer cable if requirement.
RS-485 interface, transmission distance up to 1000m
Power Supply AC220V or DC24V
Power consumption Less than 1.5W
Protocols MODBUS, M-BUS, Fuji extended protocol and other factory protocol
Optional configuration SD card, capacity 2G, storage time depends on storage interval setting.


Application diagram
Sensor type Flow measure Flow measure and Heat measure Features
ad 1 ad 2

1>. Not need stop process when installation
2>. Easy installation and maintenance
3>. Can be equipped with clamp type temperature sensor to measure heat

ad 3 ad 4 1>. Not need stop process when installation
2>. Stable and reliable
3>. Can be equipped with insertion type temperature sensor to measure heat
On-line type ad 5 ad 6

1>. Not need stop process when installation
2>. High accuracy
3>. Can be equipped with insertion type temperature sensor to measure heat


Optional Flow Sensor
Sensor appearance code Description Temperature Accuracy
s1 TS-2 Small size clamp-on type
for DN15~DN100mm
-30℃~90℃ ±1%FS
s1 TM-1 Middle size clamp-on type
for DN50~DN700mm
-30℃~90℃ ±1%FS
s1 TL-1 Large size clamp-on type
for DN300~DN6000mm
-30℃~90℃ ±1%FS
s2 TS-2-HT Small size High-temperature
clamp-on type
for DN15~DN100mm
-30℃~160℃ ±1%FS
s2 TM-1-HT Middle size High-temperature
clamp-on type
for DN50~DN700mm
-30℃~160℃ ±1%FS
s2 TL-1-HT Large size High-temperature
clamp-on type
for DN300~DN6000mm
-30℃~160℃ ±1%FS
s3 TC-1 Standard Insertion type
For pipeline wall thickness ≤20 mm
-30℃~160℃ ±2~ 3%FS
s4 TC-2 Extended Insertion type
For pipeline wall thickness ≤70 mm
-30℃~160℃ ±2~ 3%FS
s5 TC-3 Parallel Insertion type
No requirement to the pipeline wall thickness, be suitable “V” method mounting
-30℃~160℃ ±3~ 5%FS
s6 G3 ‘π’ shape tube transducer
for DN15~DN32mm
-30℃~160℃ ±0.5%FS
s7 G1 Standard tube transducer
for DN40~DN6000mm
-30℃~160℃ ±0.5%FS


Feild Installation

feild installation 1




Answer : Please send your question or enquiry to our email: sales@hginstrument.com, we will forward the questions to the related engineer.

Answer :  Please communicate with the sales about the return procedure before returning product.

Answer :  The delivery time depends on the order quantity and product specification.  If the product’s specification is conventional ( not special ),  delivery time is 5 or 7 working days for order quantity ≤ 10 pieces;  delivery time is 2 or 3 working weeks for order quantity 15 ~ 30 pieces. 

Answer :  by Courier,  by Sea or by Air

Answer :  Yes,  Generally warranty is one year.

Answer :  From year 2015  to year 2021,  average annual sales is RMB 350 million ( about USD 54.7 million )

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